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My first R Package : ROpenDota

大家好, Dajia hao, it means “Hello everyone”, it is been a long time I did not update the content of my blog. I was busy with my courses for my second semester in Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. Actually, it is almost finishing the second semester. Next week should be the first week of final exam of this second semester. I have been through so many new experiences during this time living in Taiwan. I can not tell you one by one, or maybe I will write it on another post. 

My first R package, I will focus on this topic. What is R Package? okay, I will start telling you for this second semester my coding portion is dominated by R programming language. Because there is two courses on this semester need to use it. the first is “Big Data Analytic” and the second is “Bioinformatic”. Do not worry, I am still coding in C++ and python tho, this semester I also took 3D Game Programming, which is using C++, implemented GPU shader (OpenGL), and implemented kinect as the main controller (next post will be told about this story, I hope so . . .). R Package is collections of R functions, data, and compiled code in a well-defined format. The directory where packages are stored is called the library. In this case, I created and API wrapper.

ROpenDota, ya. . . that is my first R Package name. Why did I say it was the first? because I am still developing another R package for QuickRBF, a neural network classification algorithm. ROpenDota, as you can check on the official R Package site here, have a long story before it is published on CRAN. You can see on this screenshot below, I submitted the first version 0.1.0 to CRAN on May 4th.

They will check it manually, and I need to re-submit around 9 times before it is approved by Kurt Hornik.

Actually, ROpenDota is not a complicated library/R package. It is just an API wrapper for OpenDota. My purpose of creating this library is for supporting my tasks on “Big data analytic” and “Artificial Intelligence” courses. I using this library for data collection method. Next post I will tell you about this. Currently, ROpenDota version is 0.1.1, it means I already released the second version. Submitting the update version also not really smooth but the way to submit it similar with general R Package submission on CRAN.

For you who want to check ROpenDota, you can install it from CRAN, yeah because it is one of official R package, or you also can install via GitHub ( ). I am always open for your suggestion and feedback. Any question just sends me an email. Last but not least, I will write more post during the summer holidays.

See you.

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